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I'm Sick and Tired of the Colorado Rockies

This is going to end up being the worst season in Colorado Rockies' history. How convenient that it ended up this way during the "Year of the Fan". Were they serious with this promotion? I'd rather see the "We're Tired of Dan" season, where fans boycott the games until Dan O'Dowd is fired.

What kills me is that the Rockies' General Manager, Dan O'DUD, doesn't understand how to put together a team that is built for Coors Field. What you need are power hitters and power pitchers with a few speedsters mixed into the lineup.

Cargo, who happens to be a 5-tools player, needs to stay in Colorado. Period. Dexter, who brings speed, defense, and a little bit of pop, needs to stay. Rosario needs to go through defensive boot camp during the off-season, and then he can stay. Pacheco, Rutledge and Colvin have had great seasons and deserve starting jobs next season. Tulo, who is only ever worried about himself, and is only ever healthy every other seas…