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Colorado Rockies Trade Deadline Targets

The Rockies need some help, especially after the big splash the Arizona Diamondbacks just made (J.D. Martinez) and the inevitable upgrades the Dodgers are going to make. But should the Rockies jeopardize their future and make big trades that deplete the farm system? I don't think so. They should be cautious buyers. But there are a few low-risk moves they can make that will improve their club and give them a fighting chance at an NL Wild Card spot.

They need a catcher, a veteran starter, a solid relief pitcher and least importantly, a corner outfielder with some pop.


Kurt Suzuki, Atlanta Braves

He'd be a slightly cheaper rental than Alex Avila, and he has been obliterating left-handed pitching this season (wRC+ vs. lefties: 161), which he'd see a lot of in the NL West division (LA Dodgers rotation anyone?). He also brings some veteran leadership behind the dish for a very young and inexperienced Rockies rotation. He ranks 20th for catchers in WAR this season (Min. 10…