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Colorado Rockies' All-Time Greatest Position Players

Here's my attempt to list the greatest Colorado Rockies players of all-time by position. I took into consideration a player's offensive production, defensive capabilities, and tenure with the Rockies. Let's get this Blake Street party started!

C, Chris Iannetta
Colorado hasn't had a premier Catcher for more than a season or two at a time, but Chris Iannetta finds himself as the Rockies' All-Time greatest catcher based off of his tenure and semi-decent productivity. He leads all Rockies catchers in Hits (336), Home Runs (63), RBI (236), Walks (241), and he's 10th All-Time (any position) in Rockies' history with a .357 OBP. His high On-Base% is due to him being a magnet for pitches, being hit by 40 pitches while with the Rockies. He never blossomed into the catcher the Rockies hoped for, but hopefully he'll find more success with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Yorvit Torrealba
Torrealba brought a contagious energy to the Rockies' clubhouse…

Good Bye, Casey "Blake St." (Rockies cut Casey Blake)

Casey Blake's bushy beard and too-good-to-be-true nickname couldn't save him from being axed by the Colorado Rockies. The 38 year old third baseman was released by the Rockies today due to his dismal Spring Training performance. Blake's departure makes room for players such as Jordan Pacheco, Chris Nelson, and Jonathan Herrera. I wish I could add Nolan Arenado's name to the list, but he also had a lack-luster spring and will probably end up starting the season in AA. Pacheco has had an explosive spring, and I would give him the initial shot to man the hot corner come opening day with Jonathan Herrera a close second. I would choose Pacheco over Herrera because of Pacheco's ability to draw walks and his improved plate discipline. Pacheco will fit nicely into the eighth spot in the batting order, and should be able to fine tune his swing with the amount a good pitches he'll see batting in front of the pitcher. The only concern with Pacheco is his defense, but it w…

New Colorado Rockies Statue?

The Milwaukee Brewers are immortalizing Bob Uecker with a statue at Miller Park, so it got me to wondering...who should the Rockies honor with a statue? As of right now, there's "The Player" at the home plate entrance at Coors Field. "The Player" honors Branch Rickey, who I personally adore, but I think we need to pick either a Rockies' player or manager to bronze next. Below is a poll with some of my ideas for the next Coors Field statue. Vote Now!

Who Should the Rockies Honor with a Statue at Coors Field? Todd Helton (Final out of 2007 NLCS game)
Larry Walker (1997 All-Star Game)
Dante Bichette (Fist Pump and mullet)
Troy Tulowitzki (Might as well get a head start)
Matt Holliday (2007 Wild Card Slide, with interactive blood spurting from chin)
Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle counting money
Don Baylor (Because he's a boss and would scare away pigeons)
Jim Tracy (Oh, wait...he already is a statue)
Acepolls More polls: Henrik StigellParis SportifsSms…

Baseball's Indispensable Duos (MLB Network)

I recently watched an episode of MLB Hot Stove, and their discussion was about the indispensable duos currently in baseball. I have to say that I usually agree with the guys from Hot Stove, but this time I strongly disagree with their analysis.

Here's the original segment from Hot Stove:

As you can see, Larry Bowa picked Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, which is a valid pick, but if you remove those two pitchers, you're still left with Cole Hamels, Jonathan Papelbon, Hunter Pence, Shane Victorino, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, etc., etc. That's still a formidable team.

Mitch Williams, whom I usually always agree with, had a bizarre pick when he went with Miguel Cabrera and Jose Valverde. I'm sorry, but if you remove Cabrera and Valverde, you're still left with Justin Verlander, who just happened to be the American League MVP and CY Young award winner in 2011. Oh, and not to mention their newest addition to the team, Prince Fielder. Justin Verlander might not have had 24 win…

The Rockies' Bash Brothers

Dexter Fowler won't be called lanky anymore, and Carlos Gonzalez will now be referred to as Large-O. The two outfielders put on a combined weight of 35 pounds during the off-season. That’s like adding another Eric Young Jr. to the team. Both players believe that the extra muscle and weight will help them better endure the wear and tear of the 2012 season.
Last season, Carlos Gonzalez admitted that he wasn’t physically or mentally ready for the 2011 season, which showed in his early season performance. As the season progressed, CarGo found his way back to his 2010 form, but a few unfortunate wall crashes placed CarGo on the bench with an injured wrist. Now, CarGo is physically and mentally prepared for the season and he looks to live up to his goal of a 40-40 season. The idea of 40 stolen bases might be more of a dream, but 40 homeruns seems like a certain reality.
Dexter Fowler always looked like a boy wearing his daddy’s uniform. His pants were baggy, his jersey was loose, and his…