Colorado Rockies Trade Deadline Targets

The Rockies need some help, especially after the big splash the Arizona Diamondbacks just made (J.D. Martinez) and the inevitable upgrades the Dodgers are going to make. But should the Rockies jeopardize their future and make big trades that deplete the farm system? I don't think so. They should be cautious buyers. But there are a few low-risk moves they can make that will improve their club and give them a fighting chance at an NL Wild Card spot.

They need a catcher, a veteran starter, a solid relief pitcher and least importantly, a corner outfielder with some pop.


Kurt Suzuki, Atlanta Braves

He'd be a slightly cheaper rental than Alex Avila, and he has been obliterating left-handed pitching this season (wRC+ vs. lefties: 161), which he'd see a lot of in the NL West division (LA Dodgers rotation anyone?). He also brings some veteran leadership behind the dish for a very young and inexperienced Rockies rotation. He ranks 20th for catchers in WAR this season (Min. 100 AB) whereas Tony Wolters currently ranks 40th.

Starting Pitcher:

Jaime Garcia, Atlanta Braves

He's missing bats this season (SwStr%: 11.6) getting ground balls (GB/FB: 2.0) and getting a lot of soft contact (23.8%). This is what you need at Coors Field. He's also averaging more than 6 innings pitched per game this season, which will help alleviate the pressure and workload on the bullpen.

It'd also be easy to for the Rockies to get both Garcia and Suzuki as rentals (which are always cheaper at the trade deadline) in a packaged deal which will help fill two major holes on their roster.

Relief Pitcher:

Anthony Swarzak, Chicago White Sox

The White Sox are having a major fire sale and Swarzak is putting together a pretty solid season. He's one of the top MLB relief pitchers at getting swinging strikes. He's also cheap with no strings attached at the end of the season.

Corner Outfielder:

Melky Cabrera, Chicago White Sox

He's another White Sox rental and I'm sure they'd love to get anything for him before the trade deadline since they're in full rebuild mode. He's not great defensively, and he has moderate pop, but he's a solid switch-hitter that will bring some more veteran leadership. Anyways, the Rockies have Gerardo Parra to dispel Cabrera defensively. The major problem is that the Rockies already have a plethora of outfielders on the current roster and even more waiting in the wings. Also, Cabrera isn't much of an upgrade. Maybe look to someone like Jarrod Dyson instead who brings solid defense, speed and World Series experience? I dunno.

I guess two trades with the Braves and White Sox could potentially fill some holes for the Rockies...


If the Rockies decide to make a serious run at the playoffs and don't mind parting ways with prospects like Raimel Tapia and Riley Pint, then I'd say go all in and attempt to get a packaged deal of the Marlins' Marcell Ozuna and/or AJ Ramos and/or Dan Straily and/or J.T. Realmuto (LONG SHOT!).

That would be perfect! Ozuna, Realmuto, Straily AND Ramos. Not only would that make the rest of the season a slugfest in the NL West, but that would solidify the Rockies as contenders for a few seasons. I can dream.

Or, they can go after the Mets' Addison Reed and/or Jay Bruce and/or Rene Rivera and/or Curtis Granderson.

Or, they can go after the the Orioles' Zach Britton and Seth Smith. Britton and Holland closing out games. Seth Smith back in purple. Nice.

Or, they can go after the Royals' Lorenzo Cain and/or Kelvin Herrera and/or Joakim Soria. Put Cain in leftfield and batting second between Blackmon and Arenado. Yes, please.

Or, they can go after the Tigers' Justin Upton and/or Alex Avila and/or Justin Verlander and/or Justin Wilson in a packaged deal. Three Justins and and Al. That'd definitely work. Even just Avila and J. Wilson would upgrade the Rockies significantly.

I guess what I'm getting at is that the Rockies need to do something. It's not often they get the opportunity to get into the playoffs, and with the Dodgers set to be a juggernaut for the foreseeable future, I say go for it! Nevermind what I said earlier! Forget the cheap buys! Forget "Cautious Buyers"! Go for broke!


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