Mile High Risk? (Michael Cuddyer)

This is going to be short and semi-sweet.

Why did the Rockies spend $31.5 million dollars on Michael Cuddyer who is three years older than Seth Smith and produces roughly the same offensive numbers as Seth Smith? Nothing against Michael Cuddyer, because I know he's a great veteran utility player, but I feel like the Rockies' money could have been better spent elsewhere. I would have rather seen them spend their money on a semi-young starting pitcher such as an Edwin Jackson or Paul Maholm. The Rockies lost their ace in a trade last year, and I know that their current rotation won't be able to keep up with the likes of the Diamondbacks and Giants.

I'm sure the Rockies' ultimate plan is to move Seth Smith for some pitching, but I don't know why they're not into Seth Smith anymore? He was one of the team's best hitters last season, and he's only shown improvement. Dan O'Dowd is going against what their organization is supposedly all about...home grown talent. Within the past year they've seen Ubaldo Jimenez, Ian Stewart, and Chris Ianetta join new teams. Now, they're spending big money on a free agent that doesn't have much upside. The last time they did this, they found themselves with two gentlemen named Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle (please refer to their stats, age, and salary while they were with the Rockies). I know I stated earlier that the Rockies should invest in starting pitchers, but I mean pitchers that can fill the #4-5 spots in their rotation, not hopeful "aces".

I'm glad the Rockies are making moves, but I'm not sure if they're going to be the right moves. I can only hope that Seth Smith finds a new home where his talents are appreciated, and that the Rockies get an acceptable return for him. Preferably a starting pitcher.

What do you think of the Rockies' new game plan? Who do you think will be more successful over the next three years: Seth Smith or Michael Cuddyer? Do you think that Colorado's thin air will always deter aces?


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