MLB Hat Designs Based Off of Marvel Character's Costumes and Hometowns

I was bored this morning. That's how a lot of things start. I was looking at hats on New Era's website and realized that they have a place where you can design your own hats. Here's the link:

As I was going through different teams and designs, I wondered if they had any superhero logos that I could throw on to one of the designs? They did, but it was only Batman and Superman. I wanted more, so I decided to research Marvel hero's hometowns. I didn't have to search long because somebody already put together a full map. Here's the link:

I ended up designing close to 30 hats based off of the Marvel character's hometown team and the colors and characteristics of each hero. Be forewarned that there are A LOT of New York hats, but you can't blame me for Stan Lee thinking superheroes are only born in New York City. Also be forewarned that the design options are fairly limited, so I couldn't add webbing to Spidey's design, or claw slashes to Wolverine's. I used the closest MLB team to the hero's hometown when they weren't in the actual MLB city or even state.

Captain America - New York City, NY - New York Yankees

Captain America

Iron Man - Long Island, NY - New York Mets

Iron Man

The Incredible Hulk - Dayton, OH - Cincinnati Reds

The Incredible Hulk

Spider-Man - Forest Hills, NY - New York Mets


Deadpool - Unknown Canada - Montreal Expos


Wolverine - Alberta, Canada - Toronto Blue Jays


Beast - Dundee, IL - Chicago Cubs


Gambit - New Orleans, LA - Houston Astros


Rogue - Caldecott County, MS - Atlanta Braves


Cyclops - Anchorage, AK - Seattle Mariners


Jubilee - Beverly Hills, CA - Los Angeles Dodgers


Emma Frost - Boston, MA - Boston Red Sox

Emma Frost

The Juggernaut - Berkeley, CA - Oakland Athletics


Doctor Strange - Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Phillies

Doctor Strange

Ghost Rider - Waukegan, IL - Chicago Cubs

Ghost Rider

Daredevil - New York City, NY - New York Yankees


Iron Fist - New York City, NY - New York Yankees

Iron Fist

Luke Cage - New York City, NY - New York Yankees

Luke Cage

Black Cat - Flushing, NY - New York Mets

Black Cat

Mr. Fantastic - Central City, CA - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Mr. Fantastic

The Thing - New York City, NY - New York Yankees

The Thing

Venom - New York City, NY - New York Yankees


Blue Marvel - Chicago, IL - Chicago White Sox

Blue Marvel

Deathlok - Detroit, MI - Detroit Tigers


War Machine - Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Phillies

War Machine

The Blob - Lubbock, TX - Texas Rangers

The Blob

Man-Thing - Omaha, NE - Kansas City Royals


Warpath - Camp Verde, AZ - Arizona Diamondbacks


Kitty Pryde - Deerfield, IL - Chicago Cubs

Kitty Pryde

Mockingbird - San Diego, CA - San Diego Padres


Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) - Boston, MA - Boston Red Sox

Ms. Marvel
Avalanche - San Francisco Giants (Per Request)


Star-Lord - Colorado - Colorado Rockies

Squirrel Girl - Los Angeles, CA - Los Angeles Dodgers

She-Hulk - Los Angeles, CA - Los Angeles Dodgers

Moon Knight - Chicago, IL - Chicago White Sox

Superman - Smallville, KS - Kansas City Royals (Per Request...and yes, I know he's DC)



  1. It'd be awesome to see an SF Giants hat themed around Avalanche!

  2. No Superman from Smallville, KS for the KC Royals? I am disappoint.

  3. I'll update and add a few more...even Superman even though he isn't a Marvel character. Thanks for the comments!

  4. Rhino NY Met one please. I'd buy it tomorrow. And I hate flat-billed hats..

  5. Is there somewhere we can buy one of these?

  6. You can go here:, but you'll have to design them yourself.


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