The Rockies' Bash Brothers

Dexter Fowler won't be called lanky anymore, and Carlos Gonzalez will now be referred to as Large-O. The two outfielders put on a combined weight of 35 pounds during the off-season. That’s like adding another Eric Young Jr. to the team. Both players believe that the extra muscle and weight will help them better endure the wear and tear of the 2012 season.

Last season, Carlos Gonzalez admitted that he wasn’t physically or mentally ready for the 2011 season, which showed in his early season performance. As the season progressed, CarGo found his way back to his 2010 form, but a few unfortunate wall crashes placed CarGo on the bench with an injured wrist. Now, CarGo is physically and mentally prepared for the season and he looks to live up to his goal of a 40-40 season. The idea of 40 stolen bases might be more of a dream, but 40 homeruns seems like a certain reality.

Dexter Fowler always looked like a boy wearing his daddy’s uniform. His pants were baggy, his jersey was loose, and his hat always seemed three sizes too big. This isn't the case anymore. Dexter has put on 13 pounds, but has dropped four percent of his body fat. He credits his transformation to his off-season workouts with Troy Tulowitzki and Jason Giambi. Those two guys as trainers give the Biggest Loser trainers a run for their money. Look for Dexter to have some added pop in his bat and more explosive speed on the base paths and in center field. Dexter's new found strength and confidence will limit his chances of getting weak knees during the season, both physically and metaphorically.

Look for Hans Fowler and Franz Gonzalez to become the best left-center duo in the game this season.
They're here to PUMP! YOU UP!


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