MLB's New Labor Contract (Tattoos, Replays, and Single Rooms))

Major League Baseball got a face-lift. A few new rules and regulations are being implemented at the beginning of next year, and here's a list of my top five newbies:

5) Teams from the same division have the opportunity to play each other before the league championship series.

  • Before, the best team couldn't play the wild card team if they're in the same division. Now, it's a free-for-all. No more Red Sox vs. Yankees in the LCS. This also means we won't be able to see the Marlins and Phillies face off next year in the LCS. It's finally a fair playoff bracket.
4) Expanded use of replay on fair-or-foul calls, trapped fly balls and line drives, and fan interference around the entire stadium.

  • Not quite sure about this addition yet. Every year, MLB is expanding on the use of instant replay. Pretty soon there will only need to be one umpire behind a computer screen. I'm glad they're implementing technology, but I hope they don't due away with the human aspect all together. If instant replay takes over, there'd be no need for managers to throw classic tantrums or "The Worst Calls of All Time" shows. In regard to the fan interference, I'm sad to see this one on the list because there will never be another Bartman Incident. Bartman just thanked the high heavens.
3) The possibility of players wearing microphones during games.

  • I love this idea, if not only for being able to hear the profanity being used instead of trying to read the player's lips. Can you imagine Carlos Zambrano being mic'd up? We'll finally be able to hear what he's saying to the water cooler as he beats it to a pulp with a teammate's bat.
2) Players on the 40-man roster are assured their own rooms.

  • This makes total sense when there are players in the league such as...actually i can't think of any players currently that are absolutely disgusting, but I'm sure we'll see another John Rocker at some point. Imagine sharing a room with that guy and his multiple personalities, the main one being a psychotic bigot. This isn't a high school trip to a regional tournament, these are the Major Leagues, and now the players can comfortably sneak in as many guests as they like.
1) A ban on getting tattoos with corporate logos.

  • I'm glad that this rule even needed to be implemented. Who's out there that would get a tattoo of a corporate logo? Ryan Howard with a Subway logo across his chest? Dustin Pedroia with a calf tattoo of Elevator Insoles? I like the idea that this is even an option for advertisers. "Can we permanently place our WNBA logo on your neck?"
What do you think of some of these new additions? Yay, Nay, or Whatever?


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