Seth Smith Signs One-Year Deal with the Rockies...Bye Seth Smith

Seth Smith signed a one-year deal with the Colorado Rockies worth approximately $2.4 million. This allowed the Rockies and Smith to avoid arbitration, hence making Smith look more appealing on the trade market. Some people believe this move will keep Smith a Rockie for at least another season, but I believe they did this to make him more appetizing to teams that didn't want to deal with his arbitration case.

It's time to cut ties with Seth Smith. Smith was one of the best hitters on the team last season, and he's always been a fan favorite, but I don't believe his talents are being utilized in Colorado. Smith worked extremely hard last season on hitting left handed pitching, and he proved to the Rockies that he is capable of being the everyday right fielder. He's not going to put up monster power numbers, but he will get the clutch hits and he will be productive. Smith had the past three seasons to win the starting job in right field, and he finally proved worthy of the job last season, but during the off-season, the Rockies signed Michael Cuddyer to play right field. In my opinion, any team would be lucky to have a player such as Smith on their team because he puts up decent numbers with a low price tag. I like both Cuddyer and Smith, but I don't want to see Smith become a fourth outfielder after he worked so hard to become a starter for the Rockies. He can go to another team that's in need of an everyday right fielder and play. I hope if the Rockies do trade Smith that they get an option for second base or a starting pitcher with some experience.

It was nice to see all of Smith's hard work pay off last season. He didn't do exceptionally well against left handed pitchers, but he did show improvements. I was always a fan of the Seth Smith/Ryan Spilborghs platoon in right field, but only when in was consistent. Smith versus the righties and Spilly versus the lefties. Too many times, the Rockies decided to play roulette with the outfield because of a slump or just too many outfielders looking for playing time. Players need consistency in the lineup and in the field to gain confidence and get comfortable. I feel like Smith settled into his role nicely last season, but Spilborghs lost his confidence when players such as Charlie Blackmon and Eric Young Jr. were receiving more playing time. The Rockies could have gotten close to the same production next season from a Smith/Spilborghs platoon in right field instead of only Michael Cuddyer. They could have also had both players for half the price of Cuddyer. Spilborghs is a free agent this off-season, and the Rockies made it clear that they're not bringing him back. The rumors are that the Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers, and Boston Red Sox are all interested in Spilborghs. There must be something to like if two playoff worthy teams are after him. As for Smith, I only hope he's dealt to a team that can benefit from his abilities instead of him riding the bench in Colorado. There's an overload of outfielders in Colorado, so they need to part ways with a couple of them and see what they can get in return. Specifically a second basemen that's preferably young (NOT Eric YOUNG Jr.) and able to hit in the number two spot in the lineup. Or possibly some young or old pitchers that are big league ready.

Be ready to see even more home-grown Rockies in new uniforms this upcoming season.

Seth Smith was traded to the Oakland Athletics for pitchers Guillermo Moscoso and Josh Outman. Go figure.


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