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It's that time of year again. It's time to play GM. It's time to prove to all of your friends and a few strangers that you're better than them at filling out an MLB roster. And what wins leagues? Sleepers.

Both Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez will go within the first 15 picks, but who are the guys on the Rockies that are flying under the radar that might be beneficial to your team? Here's a list of a few names that can be great bench additions, or even starters come opening day.

Michael Cuddyer
Ranked: 73
Average pick in mock drafts: 81.4

  • Cuddyer has eligibility at first base, second base, and the outfield. This makes him a wonderful option as your utility player or even your second base option due to the lack of depth at the position. He's going later than expected and that might be due to his age and change of scenery, but Coors Field should bump up his stats. Expect about the same production from Cuddyer in 2012 that he had in 2011. He's a great alternative to Ben Zobrist or Howard Kendrick.

Rafael Betancourt
Average pick in mock drafts:166.5

  • Betancourt will be the Rockies' closer in 2012 after the departure of Huston Street. He's always posted a low WHIP and a low ERA. He'll get strikeouts, and he'll pick up at least 30 saves in 2012. The only problem going into 2012 for Betancourt is that he's never been expected to be the everyday closer for an entire season. He can be picked up later than most premiere closers.

Jhoulys Chacin
Average pick in mock drafts:191.3

  • Chacin was pegged to be the Rockies opening day starter before the trade for Jeremy Guthrie, but now he's slotted at the number two spot in the rotation. That means number one stuff in the number two spot. He has a lot of upside, but he needs to polish his pitches before going into his third year of professional ball. He's a great late pick if you need one last starter to fill out your pitchers. He's perfect if you missed out on Ubaldo Jimenez or Gio Gonzalez.

Dexter Fowler
Ranked: 172
Average pick in mock drafts: 216.5

  • Dexter has always been a wishy-washy pick when it comes to fantasy baseball, but this could finally be his breakout season. He spent two months working out with Troy Tulowitzki and Jason Giambi during the off-season and has supposedly packed on some serious muscle.  He'll be available late in the drafts because owners have been burned too many times in the past. He'll make for a solid bench player who could possibly turn into a starter come May. Expect his steals to go up from last year as well as his runs. Great addition if you're lineup is overloaded on power.

*I have to warn you that these last four guys are sleepers that you might not want to wake up*

Ramon Hernandez
Ranked: 325
Average pick in mock drafts: 222.1

  • He's always been a decent offensive catcher, but now he's only going to play in about half the games. Coors Field might help the offense, but he's also getting up there in age. He might be a last pick in an NL only league. Pick him up if you're a fan of veterans, but if you enjoy rookie no-namers, look to Salvador Perez of the Kansas City Royals.

Todd Helton
Ranked: 416
Average pick in the mock drafts: 230.5

  • Does the Toddfather have any gas left in the tank? Maybe. He hit for a high average last season, but his power numbers remain down as well as his playing time. You can put your faith into Todd for one last magical season, but that's a whole-lotta faith. Pick him up if you're a true Rockies fan and a firm believer in miracles.

Marco Scutaro 
Ranked: 311
Average pick in mock drafts: 231.7

  • He'll have eligibility at both second base and short stop, so that's a plus. He's coming off of his best offensive season of his career. Plus. He'll be the opening day starter at second base for the Rockies. Plus. The only negative is his age. He might be a great bench guy in NL only leagues or in deep leagues.

Casey Blake 
Average pick in mock drafts:N/A

  • If you want a risk, here he is! The starting third baseman for the Rockies isn't getting drafted in the mock drafts. He might find a final wind in Colorado, but I'd wait and let him ride in free agency and swoop him up at any sign of strong production.

A few other names to keep an eye on: Drew Pomeranz, Jeremy Guthrie, Nolan Arenado

Good luck on your draft day and look out for Bichette Happens.


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