Colorado Rockies: Week One

The Colorado Rockies' are 2-4 in their first six games of the 2012 season. The season is young, but it feels old.

Michael Cuddyer is the obvious choice for the Colorado Rockies' player of the week. Not only is he producing without much help around him, but he's also showing a lot of heart and hustle. He's turned out to be a very nice pick-up for the Rockies, and I can only hope that his playing style rubs off on the other players within the next couple of weeks.

Juan Nicasio pitched very well in his MLB return. He threw seven innings and allowed only one earned run on five hits and one walk. It's a breath of fresh air to see Nicasio pick up where he left off after his very serious injury last season. He's worked very hard and has overcome a lot of physical and emotional pain to be where he is, and I'm glad to see him succeeding so far this season.

Other than Cuddyer, Nicasio, and the 17-8 victory over the San Francisco Giants, there isn't much else to be excited about. There are only things to be worried about.

I heard a commentator for the Washington Nationals say, "It's not a lot to ask a player to sprint down the first base line three to four times a game." Exactly right! Carlos Gonzalez is one of my favorite players, but if I see him jog one more time after either hitting a ground ball or after hitting a potential home run, I can assure you that he will quickly move down my list. Not only is that disrespectful to his team, but to every fan that's paying good money to watch him play baseball. Roberto Clemente once said, "I believe we owe something to the people who watch us. They work hard for their money. When we do not try one hundred percent, we steal from them." If that's the case, the Rockies are robbing us blindly. They need to be playing like the "Year of the Fan" actually means something to them.

On top of their lack of hustle, there's also their lack of defense. There have been two occasions now where a Rockies' outfielder, Dexter and CarGo, dropped a routine fly-ball due to a half-hearted effort. Defense used to be a top priority for the Rockies, and it was an enormous reason why the Rockies ended up in the World Series in 2007. They committed only 68 errors in an entire season, which ranks third best of All-Time in both leagues. The 2007 Rockies are still considered one of the best defensive teams of All-Time. After six games in the 2012 season, the Rockies are on pace to commit 216 errors by season's end. They would become the first MLB team since the 1963 Mets to commit over 200 errors in a season.

I'm a fan who will root for my team and their players, just as long as the team and players are putting forth their best efforts. I realize that slumps happen, but if they're happening due to lack of passion and hard work, then I believe it's only fair for fans to be worried and to call out their team. I'm worried, and I expect more effort from the Rockies.

Pluses: Michael Cuddyer, Juan Nicasio, Relief Pitchers (Exluding Chatwood and Reynolds), Eric Young Jr.

Minuses: Defense, Hustle, Clutch Hitting, Starting Pitching (Excluding Nicasio)

The Rockies host the Diamondbacks and Padres before heading to Milwaukee next weekend. This would be a good week for the Rockies to establish themselves as contenders, especially going up against last season's NL West winners and losers.


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